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Raval Barcelona Streetscape Territories Notebook
Scheerlinck, Kris (ed.)

G. Boie, J. Perea, C. Crosas, J. M. Solè, M. Topolcanska, L. Reinders, H. Teerds, G. Girod, D. Hamerman, A. Betancour, C. J. Vesterlund, F. Massip, P. Dachs 

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lucas.

ISBN 2294-4672
143 pags.








STREETSCAPE TERRITORIES is the name given to an international research and design project that deals with accessibility, permeability and territorial boundaries of urban projects, explored and studied as part of different cultures and social networks. This project deals with models of proximity within a street, neighbourhood or region and starts from the assumption that urban space, from the domestic scale till the scale of the city, can be understood as a collective space, containing different levels of shared use that are defined by multiple physical, cultural or territorial boundaries.

STREETSCAPE TERRITORIES analyses existing public spaces, streets or buildings in different contexts, organises workshops or seminars to discuss models of permeability and systematically involves local actors to guarantee a coherent social and cultural implication.